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Adobe, the power company behind Adobe PhoneGap, has officially announced that PhoneGap is closing - and so is PhoneGap Build. And if not enough, in the same article, Adobe explains that they will stop investing in Apache Cordova again. While this may come as a shock or surprise to some, the announcement made it even more difficult. And the most important question that arises from this announcement is, is the Volt Builder one of the best alternatives to the phonegap?

What is VoltBuilder?

VoltBuilder is an easy-to-use Apap Cordova wrapper. Create native executables (.apk, .aab and .ipa) for Android and iOS from web applications. This executables can be expanded with native code plugins that extend beyond the capabilities of Web applications and PWAs.

It works as a web service. Zip your project, download it to VoltBuilder, and download the Android or iOS executables .

Make Your Web Apps Native

Use HTML + CSS + JS to create native Android and iOS apps. Expand your app with more than a thousand Apache Cordova plugins.

Replace The PhoneGap Build With Volt Build

Volt Builder is the best choice for phone gap users. Change easily using the latest iOS and Android tool chains. VoltBuilder works quickly and securely. Phone Gap users can use it easily. I'm sure you can't tell the difference between them. The Volt Builder is a complete clone of the phone gap. Replace The PhoneGap Build With Volt Build.

Don't worry about SDKs.

Android and iOS SDKs are painful to set up and keep working. VoltBuilder always uses the latest tools.

Android and iOS.

Store-ready apps for iOS and android  are ready in minutes. VoltBuilder reloaded it for you. No Mac required.

Protect yourself.

No need to store your passwords, certificates and source code in our cloud. We remove everything when your build is complete.

There is no delivery of suffering.

There are no exceptions. Just zip your files and send them to VoltBuilder.

Download directly to your device.

When the build is complete, you will receive a QR code that you can scan with your phone to install your app.

No Mac required.

Just upload it to our server. Sign, create with Xcode, and upload to iTunes.

How to Get Started?

You can visit https://volt.build for more information, to sign up and get started. You can use the free limited testing program, or sign up for Indy or Pro testing programs. The first 15 days are free of trail: you can cancel at any time.

If you are out of PhoneGap, there is a PhoneGap Migration Guide. You can also use the tutorial.
There is also a one-minute video, which shows you how to navigate your app and download the result.

About Us The Volt Builder

We started in 1993 with the launch of Newton to meet the need for ease of use of development tools. Our first product, NS Basic / Newton, was a success. While Newton has been canceled, we are launching NS Basic / Palm. It also performs well, so I added NS Basic / CE.

In 2010, we noticed that JavaScript on mobile devices was much faster. Web pages in those days used JavaScript a bit to add to the page: Can we browse things and make JavaScript the core of web pages, driving HTML and CSS? That led to AppStudio, which focuses on iOS and Android. Volt Build now has thousands of users in over 80 countries. More than 2 million students have learned how to use it.

The same core team of developers has been working on AppStudio for many years. We appreciate what we do - build a loyal customer base by treating them fairly and giving them great support.

Bottom Line By Rehan Rad

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